Eily Aurora Harp Feary

Creative Confidence Coach


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Do you yearn for a bigger life but are distracted by self-doubt?
  • Do you feel a call to something more meaningful but don’t know where to begin?

  • Do you yearn to express yourself creatively but are unsure of where you and your gifts belong?

  • Learn essential keys to save time, increase your confidence, and get clarity on your next steps for meaningful creative work in your life. 

Introducing Creative Confidence Coach, Eily Aurora

Harp Faery, Social Innovation Facilitator and Singer, Songwriter, Eily Aurora has helped thousands of people ignite their creative confidence. She brings her authentic creative expression as an empowered empath to support and inspire transformation. 

Collaborating with Eily will help you:
  • Get clarity on your direction and next steps to manifest your creative vision

  • Become open to and start taking action your inner guidance and intuitive messages.

  • Take big steps forward towards creative confidence in all areas of your life 

  • Expand your creative confidence to bring your unique gifts and offerings into the world

Save time and energy by making decisions in alignment with your creative vision. Connect with Eily for a complimentary discovery session. 




Discover Eily's creative style and learn how you can own these beautiful pieces.