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About Eily Aurora

Eily is a singer/songwriter, harpist, Harp Faery Clown, and social innovation facilitator based in Calgary, Canada.  Performing across stages in North America for over a decade, Eily Aurora’s second CD, A Journey of the Heart, was released in 2018. With a passion to support mental health, she founded the Home Shall Be Here project in 2019, which toured concerts and music workshops to 14 communities across western Canada. In 2020, she designed creative and participatory methods for mental wellness at cSPACE King Edward Arts Hub in Calgary as a member of Alberta Social Innovation Connect’s Community Catalyst Program.


The Harp Faery character sparks spontaneous joy and wonder as she invites audience participation, authentic creative expression and presence. Arriving from the ether realm with a small golden harp, sparkling smile and bells on her ankles, the Harp Faery shares smiles and songs on her instagram page and through the recently released I Am Here With You video. 

Currently, she is an Artist Composer in Residence with SIX Wayfinder, an international social innovation organization in London, UK. Her project, Listen to the Song of Nature, inspires reconnection with the natural world through meditations with live plant music. Alongside fellow Artist Composers, she is co-creating the symphony, Sounding Together: From Chaos to Catharsis, to support a global audience during the pandemic. 

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