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Eily's creative offerings

Expressing your creativity is a hallmark of Eily's approach. Eily would like to share her artistry with you. Contact her at if you are interested in ordering anything below.

Porcupine Jewelry

Eily creates beautiful pieces using porcupine quills.

Living Dreamcatchers

These unique dreamcatchers  will sprout and grow if they are placed in water and sunlight.

Harp Faery Dolls

These adorable dolls come in a variety of sizes.

Eily's music
I Am Here With You

For eight months, together with five other teams from around Alberta, Eily worked to support mental wellbeing by creating meaningful connection online through two initiatives which includes this I Am Here With You video.

Heart Resonance 

The Celtic Harp’s ancient presence that has been revered by cultures for thousands of years, opening the heart, calming the mind and igniting the soul. It is Eily's hope that this intuitively guided album, Heart Resonance, engages you in a journey of self-discovery.

A Journey Of The Heart Live 

On February 3rd, 2018, in the midst of a snow storm, 180 people gathered for the fourth Heart Resonance Concert at the historic Lantern Church in Calgary, Canada. This live recording captures the magic of a moving and transformative experience. 

The Sound Of You

At it's core, The Sound Of You is a journey through many stages of grief; from the initial shock of the death of a loved one; grieving the loss through ritual; gathering to share stories with friends; and, finally, coming to a place of compassionate love in seeing a dear soul now home.

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